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When in doubt, wear red

Who could have imagined, my new favorite in my closet is the red blazer. A couple of weeks ago I was asked by MS mode to work for this at a Dutch fair, the Huishoudbeurs. It was great fun! When I arrived I was already a pair of jeans but of course I also wanted something to wear on top of it, like I didn’t have anything in my closet, right? Just yoking, but I wanted to wear a new item. One of the ladies recommended me a red blazer. Red? was my first reaction. Never to think that this would be something I would wear a lot! It was’t just the color that got my thinking, it was also because it’s a blazer. Often I have to buy a too big of a blazer to fit me well because I have large upper arms, but not this one. I could just grab my size luckily! I posted a photo of this outfit earlier on my instagram and because of all the enthusiastic comments I decided to photograph these too. Click the photos to enlarge. Below you can find all shopping details and sizes I’m wearing.

red blazerred blazerred blazerred blazerred blazer

Okay, so this red color, what do with it? Was what I was thinking when I bought it. Well, on the fair I was wearing it with a blue skinny jeans and a simple black top. With the sleeves rolled up it gives it a casual look. If I would lower the sleeves and wear them like it should, it gives a clear look. This would be perfect for a special occasion where I have to dress up a little, professional chic. The second day I was working at the fair I combined it with a skater skirt and a tucked in striped top. On a daily base I love to wear this combo. The black flare jeans fit me perfectly and I like the shape, wearing a size 48. These are from a previous collection of MS mode but I found one in the new collection as well, just click the green marked links below. The top is from the regular H&M collection and I am wearing a size XL. The blazer comes in different colors; red, white, black and navy. So, what am I wearing?

blazer MS Mode
jeans MS Mode (previous season, alternative here)
shirt H&M
necklace DIDI
lips Hema

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