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tankini time

What’s your favorite bathing suit? Like fashion I like to vary my bathing suits, this time it was tankini time!

I have spent a week in the south of France trying to escape the Dutch heat wave.Even though it was hot there too, there was something more relaxing to it. Perhaps it was the pool?

tankini time

Before I showed you how I wear my bikini as a plus size girl. I also wrote that I sometimes feel like wearing a tankini, so I caught it on camera to show you. This tankini is from two years ago already. I have so many, so I decided to not buy a new set this year. This tankini is wired which I find more comfortable for the ladies. The straps were shoulder straps, but I just cut them loose to make it a halter closure.

I prefer a tankini over a one piece for the following reasons:
♥ no hassle when you have to pee
♥ when you want a suntanned belly you can easily roll up the top
♥ you can mix and match with other pieces
♥ the distance between the bra part and the bottom part can be adjusted

tankini time

tankini time

What’s your favorite bathing suit in summer?


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