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These were the 10 skirts of 2016, some created points of discussion

It might sound cliche, but the time went by so fast this year. Some of these looks I (almost) forget about. I really enjoyed looking back on 2016 and checking the blogs again. I hope you like it as well? Some of the skirts really were a huge point of discussion on social media. I’ve come to some conclusions but also found new inspiration how to wear them. Perhaps you have some tricks for me?

met een strikje

This was one of the looks which caused discussions, when the brand shared this look on their FB page. The skirt was too skirt, I should cover up my knees, the waist was too high. Don’t wear horizontal stripes as a plus size. And the well known “I’m sorry to say but..” Why offer an apology when you’re being rude anyway? Read this post here: all about that bow

fall favoriet

The budgets discussion arose with this skirt. The look was fit for the Red Light District or sex shops. Funny, when you realise my whole body is covered, except for my face and hands. What could hurt me before, doesn’t cause any worry to me anymore. Even better, with a smile on my face I put on this skirt saying “Let’s start working girlll”.  Read this post here: fall favourite 

pied de poule

To be honest, I expected some comments on this skirt but only got lots of lovely remarks. Thank you! Often people tell me not to emphasise the hips. When I fall in love with a skirt I don’t care anymore, I just want to wear it and have some fun with fashion. You know me, I’ll just wear it! Read this post here: houndstooth  

gemixte structuren

I love this skirt, yet I kinda never wear it. Something I should do more in 2017. It’s just that zipper, I’m sometimes afraid it will break or go open. I think it suits well with an oversized sweater and my other boots. Read this post here:  mixed structures 


Such lovely memories I have when looking back to this post. I wore this to a wedding of our dear friends. Weddings have something magical. My plan was to wear this skirt more often and combine it differently. Like with a long cardigan, tights and sneakers. Oops! Read this post here: lace with glitter

‘70 suede

Now that I see this look I regret having returned this skirt. It’s so cute. Yes, I know I have enough already! That’s why I don’t keep everything. The skirt has the perfect shape if you ask me, I love the skater skirts. Fitted in the waist and wide at the bottom, just perfect for my body shape. Read this post here: so seventies suede

I’ve worn this skirt before in black during the photoshoot of MS mode. I decided to buy it in taupe, such a fancy colour. The skirt is fitted, not tights at all but it looks like it does. I hate body shape wear so I always skip this skirt. Perhaps I should try the bodyshaping tights? Read this post here: golden bomber


If I needed to describe myself, or tell you my signature outfit I guess it would be this one. The skater skirt, dense tights, a pair of casual boots and a top tucked in. This is typically me, this is Josine. I love to wear this look and I vary with the tops. Or I wear it with a jacket or cardi. Read this post here: colors of fall


When this skirt arrived I was over the moon. Too bad it fitted me slightly too big, this normally never happens, lol! Besides big it was also too wide so it would fly up. Not a good idea. That’s why I’m wearing a longer jacket on top, even though most suggested a cropped jacket. Too bag I didn’t show how awful that looked. Read this post here: dash of red 


Last but not least, this party skirt! Don’t you just love it. I felt so pretty wearing this. Yes it’s a wide skirt, daring, but let’s do this! When photographing this, everybody replied cheerful to my looks. It was so much fun. Read this post here:  gold

Which was your favourite look and which woud you wear?

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