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Shorts and pleats

Last but not least, shorts and pleats. The faux leather shorts combined with a biker jacket and a bright green pleated top as outfit #3.

After a casual outfit in faux leather shorts and a sportive outfit, now the last outfit in the same shorts. The beautiful green color really stands out with the black. The biker jacket makes the whole a tough look. Which outfit is your favorite? I am in love with these MS Mode shorts.

pleats are hot

Check out this top! The base is a regular top and the front panel is pleated which falls loosely over the base top. Now my belly is nicely covered up. I love pleats but not all garments with these really improve my shape. This is a way I can finally wear them.

Shorts and pleats

biker jacket 

The biker jacket trend is here for a few seasons now and I still love it. This trend is really suitable for every size, depending on how you wear it. The jacket has a good, sleek fit. It’s fitted on the sleeves which I really like in a jacket. The short cut accentuates the waist so when wearing a longer top underneath will show off your plus points. Feel like shopping?

Shorts and pleats

the best out of three

I liked all three outfits a lot, that’s why I chose to write about them. The first outfit with the casual cardigan would be my first choice I guess. It’s a combination of comfortable and edgy, best of both. I guess I feel a bit more safe with the long cardigan. The second outfit with the sweater is really nice and I liked it a lot, but a sweater is not something I always feel comfortable in on a short. The last outfit I liked a lot because of the color combination. The bright green and black look beautiful together. The trendy pleats with the cool biker jacket, to me a great combo.

Shorts and pleats

which is your favorite?

images & info: thebiggerblog.com | items: MS Mode | photos: Raz

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