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For a while there I was thinking I was going back to school and this time in a school uniform

This month the news started with school uniforms in Holland, as it was a big April Fool’s prank to tell all the kids in secondary school that school uniforms would become mandatory. Well, even though I’m not in school anymore I decided to go along with the prank and give a good example for the teachers to blend right in! I don’t know how it is to wear something which is mandatory. I never had to wear a uniform in school.

school uniformschool uniformschool uniform

Okay enough with all the jokes! I am not a school teacher of course but sometimes when I receive a garment I just want to play with it. Yours Clothing asked me do a review and when I saw this dress I just had to have it. Actually I think I will be wearing it this summer in a more gothic way with black boots, black tights and a leather jacket. Though girls just wanna have fun and dress up right? I was in a preppy mood and so I styled this dress in a way you might not expect from me.

school uniformschool uniformschool uniform

Hair up, glasses on -this is actually how I often go to work- and a bow tie. I wear my hair up often, I really like it and I love to get the hair out of my face sometimes. Do you have the same? Not everybody likes my hair up by the way, most men like it down and girls like the variation. Go figure! The school uniform look is something I really like, preppy all the way.

school uniformschool uniform

Though not all is black and white, did you see my bright blue nails? I love this bright nail polish trend. How do you like my look? Check below the items I’m wearing. The dress is a size 20 (EU 48), the blouse is an old one but I have found a similar one for you. Make sure to wear a fitted one when it’s underneath something. The cute little earrings are my new jewelry addiction and are from H&M.

dress c/o Yours Clothing
blouse (similar)
tights Ulla Popken
nails Hema

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