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Rock the leather short

If you’re a plus size you can rock the leather short! theBiggerBlog will show you how. All you need is the right style and some guts.Rock the leather short

You might think this could not work on a bigger size so let me show you differently. It’s about confidence, style and guts: the plus size leather short. Wear it the right way and you will look smashing.

How to style it 

Depending on how confident you are in this short you can style it either way you like it. My confindence has reached a max so I wanted to combine it with a big cardigan. This way the short shows but not too much. Wear it with nice, dense tights and high boots. This way your legs are not so ‘naked’. On top I am wearing a loose t-shirt with a curve at the bottom hem. This breaks the broad hips a little and doesn’t emphasize the curves of the belly area. The big cardigan is simple but elegant with a little lurex knit.

Where to shop 

In the photo I am wearing the short from H&M but it’s not available in all sizes. A perfect alternative is the fake leather short from Asos which goes up to size UK 28 / EU 56. The tights with zig zag design are from M&S Mode and can also be ordered online up to size XXL. I must say they will fit up to size 50 as the seams are not really stretchable. The legs are, so if you don’t have big hips they’ll fit you up to size 52-54. The top is a basic from H&M+ which I love. it’s so easy to combine with everything. Do you feel like shopping already? Then just click on the items below and go to the webshops immediately. Have fun shopping and let me know how it looks on you!

 rock the leather shortrock the leather short 

theBiggerBlog would love to see your way of styling this outfit. Mail to info@thebiggerblog.com

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