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Pretty Pink coat

We’re starting to look forward to spring, but it’s still winter. Still cold! With this pretty pink coat you are bringing some color to these dark days.


I love this color! It might be a bit bold for some but I am so glad I have found a nice, colorful coat. Often coats are build to last but I wasn’t looking for a coat which I would wear day in, day out for eight years. I wanted a trendy, colorful coat which gives me that spring feeling even when it’s cold outside.

Pretty Pink coat


Normally when I buy a colorful garment I start to think about how to combine it. “Can I wear this with everything?” But you know, you probably have that basic coat already, so use this one to look fashionable. What I like to do is buy a scarf which matches the coat, this way you will always have a dressed look even if you’re wearing all black underneath.

Pretty Pink coat

shop yours

What I didn’t know, the coat is one sale now! Yes, exactly what we need. Check out the webshop and order yours at MS Mode. I am wearing a size 48 here which suits me well. The singlet is from MS mode as well and is available in several colors. It’s more like a tunic, but I like to wear it as a dress with leggings and high boots but it goes well with jeans and a cardigan too.

Pretty Pink coat

♥ pretty in pink ♥

images: thebiggerblog.com | photos: raz | items: MS Mode 

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