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pretty in pink

All pretty in pink this time! How I love this color, and you?

A few weeks ago I wrote how hard it is to find a decent blouse and now I am wearing a different one every week! I might not be used to fitting them properly as I haven’t found proper blouses for a long time.

This lovely blouse has the very trendy pineapple print. When I saw it at the collection presentation of MS Mode I loved it right away!

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It’s bright pink, slightly transparent and has a black and white print on it. Slightly disappointed by the fit as I had to take 2 sizes bigger because of my hips. So am I disappointed about my hips or the blouse size, I leave it up to you. Anyway, the blouse is slightly longer so you can wear it easily on everything. It’s sleeveless so I will be wearing it with a denim waistcoat in summer too, or loosely over my swimsuit. Where is that sun?

pretty in pink

Here I am wearing it tucked into my jeans, which I hardly ever dare to wear like this. I have it buttuned up all the way to the collar for that preppy look. Matching the nails and accessories make it a pretty in pink outfit!

A great blouse to easily color up your outfit!


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