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It’s time for a preptalk! Sophisticated all the way in today’s outfit

Perhaps you have heard me say this before but I can be a real schizo when it comes to fashion. One day I will be completely casual and the other day preppy as hell. Well today I have such a day when I am ready for preptalk.


Let’s do some preptalk. When I go preppy, I go all the way. Classic golden pearls in my ear, yet a little bit bigger and more shiny to give some edge to it. The classic blouse is from Jette, a brand that I haven’t worn before. Since it’s not a fitted shape I ordered it in size 46 which was just about right, though can’t be any tighter. The a-line shaped dress is from Manon Baptiste and here I am wearing a size 48. I need the size for my hips and waist though at the chest there is still some space. Perfect to wear with a blouse! The collar sticking out above the round shaped neckline is cute, the blue stripes makes it even more preppy. The tights are a size 48/50 from Ulla Popken. The fake leather handbag with shoulder strap I shopped at H&M. The dress comes in different colors by the way and goes up to EU size 56. The blouse I am wearing is white with a navy stripe but is also available in black. Click the links below to check out the prices and availability.

blouse Jette c/o Navabi
dress Manon Baptiste c/o Navabi
tights Ulla Popken
bag H&M

Brand 728 x 90

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