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Some beach days I feel girly, I feel like pink and flowers

Let’s go to the beach! One day I feel casual some days I feel girly. Like on this day during my trip to Santorini, when I felt like pink and flowers. When on holiday I always bring an extra pair of swimwear. First of all, you never know what happens and if you loose your set you would like have an alternative, which is not everywhere available in my size in the world. Second of all, I like to vary my looks. Great excuses to pack extra right? I know, lol!

pink and flowers pink and flowers

Confident and slightly in secure at the same time when posting these pictures. Even though I feel comfortable in my swimwear, I am very aware of my hips and wobbly bits. My legs aren’t perfectly shaped, especially on my hip area. My behind is round but it’s not smooth in any way. Though this is a part of me and I have accepted it. Wearing the right swimwear is very important for me, dressing up makes me feel a lot better and gives me more confident. I can go on all day about self-love -which is really important- but I have my insecure days too. Finding the right swimwear can be of great help. Nothing will ever prevent me from enjoying a day at the beach, whatever other people’s opinions are. My own opinion is the one that matters

pink and flowers

pink and flowers

For a while I was thinking of shopping a dresskini, a one piece bathing suit in the shape of a dress but I was doubting. When I saw this tankini set I knew it was perfect. I always prefer a tankini. I have had surgery so I have a few scars on my belly (gallbladder removal). I don’t mind them, but I don’t prefer full sunshine. So the tankini is perfect, I prefer these over a one piece as it’s just a lot more comfortable. This top also has a halter attached to it but I took them off, I don’t like the stripes. The top fits really tight, so I wasn’t afraid of loosing it. I love the cute little bow on the side too. It also has an inside bra piece so the girls don’t go anywhere! The high waisted bottoms are cute too, I’m wearing a size 20 and they fit wide. It’s great for when you’re swimming, the top is wide but the high waisted bottom makes sure nothing is revealed.

pink and flowers pink and flowers

I don’t wear expensive jewelry to the beach. I like to keep it simple, like with this cute ankle bracelet which is made of soft braided tape and is adjustable in size. I think the little coins are very cute and perfect for the beach. For all items please check the links below for sizes and price.

tankini top & high waist bottoms c/o Yours Clothing
beach kimono & bag c/o Yours Clothing
anklet bracelet c/o Bulu Brands


2 Responses

  1. Henrike

    oh wow die is cute! Ik heb zelf 2 high waisted bikini’s, een tankini en een badpak. Echt super fijn (niet voor de portemonnee…) dat er tegenwoordig meer keus voor curvy dames.

    • theBiggerBlog - Josine

      Ja zo fijn! En nee, ook niet zo goed voor mijn porto hihi


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