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Party proof in black

Be prepared for all coming parties, party proof in black. It’s always a good idea to wear black. Wear it with some glamour this season.


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Very fashionable are the transparent fabrics and sequins. Show a little skin with this lovely peplum strapless top. Too daring? Wear it over an transparent top with sleeves. Do you prefer a less sexy outfit, but just as glamorous? Check out these two items, jersey and chiffon combiner and decorated with lovely sequins. Party outfit proof, you’re good to go.













A pencil skirt is a must have this season, so go all the way. These are no regular skirts, these make a real statement! Wear them low, just over the knee for a super trendy look. Or pull them up a bit, just above the knee for a more sexy effect. The decorated skirts are real eye catchers and don’t need a lot more to make your outfit party proof. Wear nice tight, beautiful heels and a simple top. Stunning!












A black dress is always good, for any occasion. Choose the simple, black dress with super sexy transparent voile upper part. Wear a strapless bra or a black bra with nice straps. If you want more glamour then choose the sequinned options instead. Very feminine and party proof!

So in which outfit will we be seeying you in?

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