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Me sarcastic? Never

I couldn’t resist this t-shirt, so typically me! Me sarcastic? Never!

How about this shirt! Isn’t it amazing, I really love the text. I always want to buy more printed shirts but often I find the shape horrible or the text lame. This one was good enough on both sides. I have tucked in my shirt in order to emphasize my waist.

Me sarcastic? Never!

my middle name

Me sarcastic? Never!

Finally I got myself a pair of joggers. Actually, I never found a pair before that properly suits me like this one. The problem is that I was always searching for a woven pair of joggers, now I tried a jersey one and it fits great. The elastic waistband on woven pants aren’t my type of pants.

Me sarcastic? Never!

Me sarcastic? Never!

The joggers are a great pants for every day, even around the house as it’s so comfortable! But dressing it up with the right top and shoes make it work in a more dressed up way too. Do you have own pair of joggers already?

Me sarcastic? Never

too cool to care, what a shirt does to you!

Me sarcastic? Never

Oh how I love dogs.. oops did it again!

Bristol is a dutch retailer and doesn’t have a plus size department (yet?). Though their items go up to a size XXXL which is always a vague term. However I always like to stop and take a look, after all when trying it on you know if it fits you or not.

t-shirt Bristol | joggers Bristol
sandals Primark | necklace vintage

2 Responses

  1. mariska

    staat je goed,leuk shirt en broek!
    heb nu ook een paar van dat soort broeken zit nu erg lekker vooral als je geen zin in hebt in dikke lange broeken aan te doen zijn deze ideaal.
    bristol vind ik qua kleding heel lastig,heb ze ook eens commentaar gegeven dat ze meer voor grote maten moeten maken maar natuurlijk geen reactie. Ik blijf daar maar weg koop er soms nog merk sportschoenen.

    • admin

      Hoe heb je dan commentaar gegeven Mariska, per mail? Ben benieuwd!


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