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how was May

What happened, I blink my eyes and it’s June already? Okay, so how was May? In short: expensive but lots of fun. See for yourself!

So what was I up to? I went to London to visit the Curvy Convention. Even though I should be busy moving, I decided I needed some sun and took off for a week in Mallorca. Oh and how great was that! Loved it. The results of this trip will be seen in the outfit posts in June.

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With the sunbeams I got a little Bohemian too with my hippy style, great for almost-but-not-yet-summer in May.


theBiggerBlog 🌟 Josine (@thebiggerblog) op


On the very first day of May I could show a sunny outfit post, ready for summer. Back then I was writing I was wishing for a ticket to the tropics.



theBiggerBlog 🌟 Josine (@thebiggerblog) op


The first sunny outfit from Mallorca was online at the end of May. Many more to follow, lovely summer inspired outfits. Sigh, I want to go back.


theBiggerBlog 🌟 Josine (@thebiggerblog) op

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