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Have a spooktacular halloween

Friday night was scary night! I went to Haunted Castle, a Halloween event organised in a forest near the town where I live. I love to dress up, but I love the make up even more! It took me about an hour to look like this, what do you think?

halloween halloween

Funny story. We arrived at the event and my sugar skill painted friend had an headache so we went to the first aid. We arrived there and to my surprise it was a little hospital with crappy beds, plastic curtains and bad light. The perfect setting for my look! We asked the doc at sight if we could make photos and she just laughed how is this creepy? I think she spend too much time around horror scenery, lol!

halloween halloween halloween

Halloween is not really a thing in Holland, or at least it wasn’t. Just like any commercial day, this is also now a thing here. I must say, I love to dress up and I love commercial holidays like this! At first we didn’t know how the weather would be, so I wasn’t planning to go all the way with my outfit. We decided to go all the way with our face and the outfit just dark and mysterious. I finally went for the Victorian school girl style with a bow in my hair and a blouse-dress with high collar.

dress Primark (last year)
biker jacket H&M+ shop here
tights c/o Zizzi


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