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Fashion rules for plus size girls

Fashion rules for plus size girlsSeriously? Fashion rules for plus size girls. Who says you can’t wear everything you like? Just like any other size, wear what you like and where you feel comfortable in. That’s the most important rule of all.

Let’s go through some of the basic rules and check if this is applicable or not. We all know the answer already but let’s just proof it too. In order to keep it realistic I have used some of my personal -not so blog proof- photos to show you some examples. It’s a new year and secretly we’re all looking forward to spring time. Be inspired for your spring shopping spree.


When you are bigger you shouldn’t wear stripes. Well this is an ancient rule, I remember hearing this on the Oprah Winfrey show when I was a little (plus size) kid. I actually believed this for a very long time. Imagine how you can be influenced from an early age. Of course some items can be less flattering but not impossible.

Fashion rules for plus size girls

short skirts 

Okay, when I was younger I also believed that all women over 30 shouldn’t wear short skirts, no matter what their size was. Luckily the world changed and so did I! Even now I still love to wear short skirts but I do think it depends on how you wear these.

Fashion rules for plus size girls


A garment that most plus sized women fear: shorts. I can understand why but trust me, you can wear this. It just depends on which pair of shorts you wear. Choose the right one for your body type and you will look amazing. In winter time wear it with tights, but in summer time you wear these too with bare legs. There are many different shapes of shorts, find the right one for you. The only rule I would apply in this case it to check the length of the short in summer.

fashion rules for plus size

heavy prints 

It’s true that lots of plus size fashion brands use big prints which to me, are more appropiate for older women. Especially in summer time when they prints just shout out “old tart on the beach” but luckily there are also lots of young prints to wear. This is an example of a print I didn’t like at first, but when I tried the dress I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for summer! The dress is from a few seasons back, sorry girls!

Fashion rules for plus size girls

fitted garments

Body fitting garments like a bodycon dress or a pair of skinny jeans can be perfect for a plus size woman too. Why not? When then garment fits well and it’s not too tight, it can look amazing. Skinny jeans are my favorite. When I dress up I like to wear a fitted dress, like this one. Fitted but the pleats at the front cover up that which I want to cover up.

Fashion rules for plus size girls

bright colors

This one really surprises me, that plus size women should not wear bright colors? You can wear any color you like, as long as it suits your complexion. The only thing I would add is that you take notice of the fabric the bright color is in. Unfortunately some brands still focus on comfort and not on looks. So when wearing a bright color, make sure that the fabric is not too revealing and showing all your bumps. In this old photo I am wearing a bright cotton dress from Primark. I love this color and shape.

Fashion rules for plus size girls

Not every color suits every complexion. Just as not every garment suits every body. Depending on your body and shape you should dress yourself, not depending on your size!


images: thebiggerblog.com | photography: josine & raz 

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