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discovered Elvi

When I was shopping online I discovered Elvi but never really tried it, until last week. Let me show you

A while ago I visited a new plus size shop A. Josephs in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Read my experience here. I noticed she was selling some of my favorite brands, though some I had only seen online and never really tried before. So my plan was to check it out, try it on and show you my outfit. I made the photos in the shop and the lightning wasn’t really flattering, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you right? During shopping my eyes were drawn to this skirt, I just had to try it even though it’s a shape I normally don’t go for. Thanks Margo for making the photos. ElviElviElvi

This faux leather skirt is like an army green, almost grey color and it caught my attention. I love these kind of colors, especially in such materials and combined with this zipper at front, wow! The fabric is soft but isn’t revealing so I can wear something short on it. I decided to tuck in my top, as this emphasizes the waist, so I am showing my slimmest part. Yes you can see my curves, my hips are a size bigger but in this outfit I don’t mind showing them off a little. When wearing something longer over it I would becomes straight and it would not be flattering. The sleeveless top has a little collar which I love, the rib fabric is firm and smooth at the back not showing anything. This might be a little chill in March so I would wear this with a jacket or a cardigan, something from knit of dull fabric so the leather keeps its shine. Though I am not a big fan of my upper arms, this doesn’t holds me back from wearing sleeveless. Especially in this light it might not be that flattering, but it is how it is and I have accepted it.

ElviElviBoth the skirt as well as the top are from Elvi. The tights and boots I was wearing that day, though I think I would pair this up with something more elegant. I like how the skirt really fits, especially at the back where it’s not standing open like other skirts. The firm fabric feels soft and wear really comfortable. I don’t mind that it’s showing off my curves, because it doesn’t show other bombs. I love this outfit for a night out, but with a jacket I could also wear it to work. Would you wear this? Let me know!

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