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colorful cardigan

Spring is here to stay and I need some color! This colorful cardigan is great with jeans

What like about this outfit is that it’s not like any other cardigan. I really like cardi’s and this one is different with the short front and longer back. And who says horizontal stripes is not nice on a plus size?

miss etam

These colors always cheer me up. I love these coral, pink and jade tones. For this cardigan I do need some color on my cheeks, so obligatory sunbathing! These pastel colors can be difficult with certain skin types but as a brunette -if I might say so- I can have it. These colors match great with jeans. I chose these ripped jeans from H&M. And if you wonder “oh my, did you pay for these trousers including holes in it?” the answer is yes!

miss etam

Underneath the cardigan I am wearing a double layer top from Miss Etam as well. I love these double tops, as the base is fitted jersey and the mesh outer layer is lose and covers up the muffin top.

Miss Etam

On the photo I am wearing the cardigan in a size 44-46 but it goes up to size 52-54. I didn’t want to wear this type of cardigan too oversized because then it will make me look bigger than I am. It’s a great cardigan, full of color, but you don’t want to hide in it right? Do you prefer a different style then check here more options.

miss etam

cardigan Miss Etam
jeans H&M+
top Miss Etam

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