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coats from MS Mode

We have to face the facts, it’s time for our winter coats. Today I’m showing you some coats from the new collection of MS Mode.

A coat has to wear comfortably. And look nice. And have the right length. And the right color. And fashionable. Yes a coat is a hell of a job to find and are often more expensive than the other items you normally shop. Luckily the Dutch retailer MS Mode offers affordable and fashionable coats. I wore a few, let me show you.

coats from MS Mode

a fashion statement, pink fake fur coat

A fake fur coat doesn’t slim you down, no. It’s a real fashion statement, especially in such a color. You wear this because you love it. The coat is super soft and has this lovely warm pink, coral color. For more details check here the webshop.

coats from MS Mode

a padded coat which doesn’t make you look big(ger)!

The same rule applies to padded coats, who needs extra padding? Well this coat is warm and padded but not so heavily. Also there is a drawstring at the inside waist, which gives you the option to make the waist fitted. I did this and it gives your body extra curves. It’s available in taupe and black.

coats from MS Mode

black basic trench coat, a necessity

I absolutlely love this trench coat. It’s black, it’s simple but yet a real necessity. A great coat to wear casual with jeans or over an office ready dress. The coat is no lined and made of a very heavy, dense fabric which has a little stretch in it. Wears great! The belt makes it that you can wear it in different ways too. Check out all details here.

coats from MS Mode

faux fut waistcoat, a must have for this fall 2015

The fake fur waistcoat was in the shops last year but now even more, and to stay. Wear this over your outfit to spice it up, or just were it over your denim jacket or leather biker to keep it cool, uh warm! Check out the webshop here.

The past week more coats came in the shops, from practical to fashionable. Check the whole collection here.

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