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Charming on the beach

How to look charming on the beach is a good topic as I always have a hard time with this. Read my tricks here.

All warm, sweaty, red and trying to hide everything doesn’t really make you feel gorgeous right? Well, my way of handling this is making sure all other options are covered. Let me tell you my tricks.


make up

How I love my make up but wearing it to the beach is really nothing for me. I don’t really adore the sun so when it’s hot enough to go I am usually sweating and my make up won’t last very long. So what I do regularly is dyeing my eyebrows. The sun makes them blond and almost invisible. When dyeing them they get dark again and my face doesn’t look without an impression. Another great thing is to use a waterproof mascara or to dye your eyelashes too.

skimpy outfits

Some garments you might think are not applicable for your plus size, however when you’re on a beach they might be handy to have. For example a pair of shorts or jumpsuit, great to wear over your bikini when walking to a restaurant or back to the car. This might not be something you will be wearing at home going out for groceries but on the beach you should. Click on the items below to check your size: 

beach beach beach













beach This was one on my 5 summer secrets I told you about. I always carry a sarong, or a big cotton blanket around in my bag in the summer. It’s great to wear as a scarf, skirt or dress when you want to quickly cover up your bikini or bathing suit. Buy a few which matches your outfit and you’ll look stylish as well. For example this lovely one from Yours Clothing, click on the photo to check the price.


I don’t know how those beach babes do this, walking over the sand very elegant and pretty. This might be the worst part of a beach for me, sand! Well, no tricks to beat that. But make sure you wear comfortable flip flops or sandals. There are so many options to choose from even with wide fits, buy a pair that suits your outfit. Yours Clothing, Forever21, Asos, Duo Boots, Primark and New Look sell wide fit shoes.

Will you be enjoying the beach this summer?



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