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Casual outfit

Yesterday I got lots of complements on my casual outfit. I decided to share the outfit with you so you can shop it too!

Though still feeling a bit sick I went to work today. The good thing about working in fashion is that it’s not so The Devil wears Prada as everybody thinks. Or at least, not in Holland. So I could wear my comfi wear. But you can too.

casual look

When I am feeling off or I just don’t feel like dressing up I have a few back up plans to wear. One of these outfits is the one I was wearing here: a pair of black leggings, with high camel brown boots. On top a skaterdress with long sleeves and a black, simple cardigan. To make the outfit more colorfull (and to match my boots) I wore a scarf. The scarf is actually a triangle shape and has frills. When wearing the scarf backwards with the point at front, you get this effect.

casual outfitWhere to shop you casual outfit? These lovely camel leather boots are from DuoBoots and are on sale too. The ones I am wearing are Shabbies but they don’t have a plus-size-proof fit as I had to squeeze in. The legging and dress are from H&M+ which are available in the shops (I couldn’t find the dress online). A simple black cardigan from Primark (or any other shop will do). Messy hair and lots of cover-up eyeliner.

What’s your favorite casual outfit? That one thing you always love to wear when you’re not feeling well. 

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