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Casual outfit

The first days of Spring have started with sunshine. Time to wear some color with this casual outfit. Jeans, metallic and orange it is!

Not every day I am in the mood for high fashion. A little bit of casual mixed with new items and new colors makes this my casual outfit.

Casual outfit

A denim jacket is such a thing every person need, man, woman or child. This is a true basic and never goes out of fashion. The denim jacket I am wearing is from MS mode. I bought on their weekend sale with a super discount! Make sure to sign up for their news letter and you won’t miss these bargains.

casual outfit

A very casual outfit, basic and comfortable but with trendy shoes! These metallic loafers are from Primark. These metallic colors on shoes are very hot this spring, you see it in many variations. One you see a lot is combined like these, with thick white soles. I normally don’t wear loafers or sneakers, but these I love. Not everyone’s taste I have already learned.

Casual outfit

This oversized sweater is my favorite! One of the trends which not everybody likes, but I do. The oversized sweater is from H&M regular collection. I am wearing the size XL so you can try this as well. They have many colors and some fit different (even bigger too) so just try it. Some colors are also available in the H&M+ collection. The light knit is great for those in-between days. I am wearing the denim jacket, which is shorter, to create a waistline.

images: theBiggerBlog | photos: Raz | items: MS mode, C&A, Primark, H&M 

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