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Casual Christmas

Match your Christmas outfit to your style, why not a Casual Christmas this year? Use the right items for the right look. A trendy Christmas in casual black.

Why dress up if you have a nice, cozy day planned for the holidays? In stead of dressing up, choose your own style and keep it casual. Dressed in black is always a good idea and with the right items, you have your Casual Christmas outfit ready in seconds.

the outfit 

casual christmas

Change your blue jeans into a black jeans. Super hot right now, find the pair that fits your body best. Make sure it’s a slim fit, or skinny fit. The pair of jeans I am wearing in the photo is M&S Mode, the most comfortable and soft jeans ever! It fits great because it has a normal-to-high waist so it fits nicely. The zippers on the pockets have a welt so it doesn’t scratch your clothing or nails. It’s positioned lower on the fit, so it doesn’t make my hips look wider then they already are. The top should be the eyecatcher. This lovely items from X-Two is the perfect top to wear: it has transparent straps which give it a sexy look, just like the slit at the chest. The wider fit at the bottom is ideal as it covers up everything! The elasticated hem makes sure you can wear it however you like, cropped like I did or longer over the hips.

the right accessories

Casual christmas

Spice up your outfit with the right accessories. Your casual outfit can be a bit boring, but with some fantastic accessories you can make it work for a Christmas party. Wear big earrings, tonal and with some sparkle to make it look more festive. If your outfit is suitable for a neckline, then wear this instead with smaller earrings. Don’t forget the hair! A nice hairdo is essential for a festive look. This trendy bandana can be worn like a normal hairband or like this, over your hair.

Casual Christmas, how relaxing!

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