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Bohemian girl

An outfit for a Bohemian girl. Flaired jeans, crochet and flowers in my hair turns me into a 1970s girl.

Flowers in my hair, crochet cardigan, platform shoes and a pair of flaired jeans. I feel so 1970’s, I love it. Perhaps not my everyday outfit, but for sure a keeper. I have showed you a different outfit with these flaired jeans before.

Bohemian girl

crochet & tassels

The old school 1970’s look is back and some typical elements can be found on the garments. Something you find in the shops are tassels and frays, which is great on a crochet knitted garment like on this cardigan. The cardigan has little drawstrings at the waist to emphasize it. If you don’t like the cardigan, they also have a top with this crochet. My whole outfit is shopped at MS Mode.

Bohemian girl

Bohemian girl

bell bottom

Personally I had to look twice before I decided to wear these jeans. I am very picky when it comes to my jeans, they have to fit properly and be comfortable too, or else I will not even show them. These jeans fit me great, especially at the waist where it’s sometimes a hassle. With my round backside often the back rise is too low or standing off the body, not this one. However these jeans need to be worn with high heels or platform shoes. Unless you are extremely tall and you can wear them with flats but for me this isn’t the case. These platform shoes are from Primark, as well as the hairband.

Bohemian girl

bohemian girl

photos: Raz | items: MS mode & Primark | theBiggerBlog.com uses affiliates 

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  1. inger

    Leuke outfit!! Welke top draag je onder het vestje. Lfs Inger

    • admin

      Hi Inger, ik draag er een viscose singlet onder van de reguliere collectie van H&M. Deze hebben ze elke zomer en draagt heerlijk. Vind het leuk dat de onderkant rond loopt.


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