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Black and White outfit

A great look for Christmas or for New Years eve, this black and white outfit. A fun, dressed up but danceable outfit to party like it’s 2015!

Whatever you do during the holidays, where ever you go: look fab! This outfit does all of that. Whether you have a diner or you will go dancing, this is the ideal outfit to be party proof at any occasion for the holidays.

Black and White outfit

Okay you have the same color dresscode as an average waitor, but with this combo you will not look like one at all! The satin blouse of Violeta by Mango has a nice shimmer. The black placket has beads at the top which makes it really festive. Because of this little glitter and bead detail you don’t need to wear a necklace, but don’t skip out on the earrings though. Wear it on a nice, trendy skater skirt like this one from Zizzi. The material is a heavy jersey, or scuba fabric and has an elasticated waistband. No slimwear or dieting in this skirt, yeah!

Wear the skirt with a pair of dense tights as it might be a bit short for you. I am wearing it with high rubber heels, casual trendy and very danceable.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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