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Beach Babe

Today I have a nice outfit tip for real the real beach babe. The beach is often a difficult topic for plus size, but why?

You can look great at the beach, not matter what your size is. Like I have explained before in my Summer Secrets posts, you just need the right preparation. The most important part is the right outfit and items, which I found here. Make sure you feel good about yourself! Will you go to the beach this summer?

Beach Babe

Although the rise of the bikini for every size is continuing, I still prefer the tankini. Just like most women I have several bathing suits, so for the public beach and pools I like to wear a tankini. On other days I wear a bikini too. So how to feel great at the beach and turn you into a real beach babe? Make sure to have a nice dress to quickly put on when walking over to the restaurant or back to the car. A pair of nice sandals or flip flops is crucial. Make of beach wear a real outfit and you will feel much prettier to go to the beach all dressed up. What about this statement hat?

Glamour at the beach, have fun in the sun!

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