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Baseball shirt

Feeling all cool in this baseball shirt

This oversized sports shirt is a real trend item, I’ll show it! Casual and cool is the feeling you get in this oversized baseball shirt from Miss Y. The younger sister brand of Yoek is called Miss Y and has some nice, catchy items which I love. Here I am showing you that trends come in plus sizes too.

Baseball shirt van Miss Y

Baseball shirt van Miss Y

Sometimes I just can’t keep my cool, lol! It’s ways fun fitting items from a great collection. Here I was fitting in Alkmaar, at a wonderful shop called Bodycelli. They have more shops and a webshop too, take a look. They sell lots of different brand, but lots of Yoek and Miss Y. Wear this baseball shirt on a pair of black skinny trousers like I did with sneakers. It’s great with jeans too. I just love this casual look, and that’s a whole lot coming from a girl who usually wears blazers and heels! Though now I am thinking about it… these with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and high heels would be great too! Need that shirt.

Baseball shirt from Miss Y

Baseball shirt from Miss Y

would this be a shirt for you? I love it!

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