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A blouse that fits

Finally I have found a blouse that fits! Sounds a bit weird perhaps but I always have difficulties with blouses.

As you might have seen on the photos, I am not perfectly in balance. Some items look better on me than others, but some items I just can’t find! For me this is with blouses. I love them but I just have to do so much effort to find the right ones. Today I am showing you my current favorite blouse from Yours Clothing.

A blouse that fits

plus size fit

When it comes to blouses this is the reason why I love the rise of the plus size brands. Of course there are other brands who also sell bigger sizes, but a plus size brand has a special fit. You can notice a difference in fitting and shape. Often I don’t fit the blouse properly, because it’s too wide at the chest and too narrow at the bottom. Not this time! Because of the front yoke the blouse falls flat over your shoulders. There is enough space for your chest because of the pleats. Finally the bottom hem is flaired so my hips fit into it too. Love it!

a blouse that fits


The reason why I love this blouse is because it’s sleeveless. Of course I am not a big fan of showing my big arms, but let me explain why I like these:
♥ no fit issues on the sleeves! I have big upper arms but not a big chest so I always have fit issues
♥ you can wear it all year long, depending on the color or print and style
♥ easy to wear under a cardigan or blazer, but also possible to wear with a long sleeve underneath
♥ with synthetic fabrics this is much better to have open arm pits, more air, more freshness

a blouse that fits

The blouse is transparent so you will have to wear a top underneath. I am wearing a cotton tank top in navy blue. The cotton feels nice on my body and I don’t even notice the blouse is synthetic anymore. I have buttoned it up all the way. I am wearing a comfortable navy blue blazer over it and a boyfriend fit jeans. Comfortable wedges so I can shop all day.

Do you have difficulties with certain items? Let me know


images & details: theBiggerBlog 

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