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8 ways to prevent Christmas calories

8 ways to prevent Christmas calories: tips to survive the holiday season. How to balance it out and keep you in balance?

During the holiday season it’s cold and cozy. You meet up with friends and family and enjoy your time together. Often combined with diner and drinks. Off to the Christmas markets, having some warm snacks or hot coco. So many tempting calory bombs, but how to resist? Or how to balance this out?

♥ chew up 

Something we should think of always, and not only now. It’s sounds weird but chew your food properly. Especially during a great diner party when you’re not focussing on your food as much as you should do. Chew your food, take smaller bites. This improves your digestion and will avoid you from a bloating feeling. Wait 30 seconds between each bite for the best result.

♥ breakfast

Never ever skip breakfast. It’s how to start your engine in the morning. Choose a healthy breakfast if you have nothing planned. If you have a special breakfast choose for the healthier options such as fresh fruit, green tea, wholegrain pancakes with sirup, boiled eggs and bacon. Avoid sugar filled muffins, cupcakes and croissants.

christmas ♥ lunch

Going out for lunch can be a difficult one to resist the bad stuff.. Check the menu online upfront so you know what to expect. If you spending your time over at friends or family just let them know your preferences. They don’t mind, and if they do just bring along some healthy snacks. Make sure you had a proper breakfast, so you won’t be craving for lunch. This way your mind is free to make the right choices.

♥ diner 

The many coarses are waiting for you. If you’re cooking your own diner it’s not so difficult to cook delicious, but healthy meals. If you’re going out for diner then mostly you can check upfront the menu. Are you staying at friends and family? Then just ask what they will be cooking, or even ask if you can do one coarse. If the base is right you won’t be craving, so make sure to have breakfast and diner! The holidays are all about being together and eating, not a problem if you do it your way.

♥ drinks christmas

I don’t have to explain that sugar drinks and alcohol contain lots of calories. If you prefer to drink wine then always ask water to go with it. For every glass of wine you should drink a glass of water. First of all you will keep your water level up. Secondly, when you’re thirsty you’re not drinking calories continuously. If you prefer hard liquor or cocktails, the same glass of water rule applies. Try an alcohol free cocktail too. Of course the soda drinks aren’t really healthy too but at least it has no calories in it.

christmas♥ move that ass

When you eat and drink more in a day your body needs to burn more in order to keep it leveled. So combine the good with the bad and go for a stroll. The cold weather might not always be appealing to go outside, but talking a walk in the cold after a heavy diner can really make you feel a lot more energetic. During the holidays you have more free time, try to hit the gym or work out like you do regularly.

♥ hydrating 

It’s important to drink a lot of water, try to get in about 2 liters during the whole day.  Drink lots of water and during heavy diners, drink tea. It helps soothe your stomage. Especially green tea after diner has a good effect.

♥ party 

Attending a nice Christmas party at work? Make sure you eat before you go. Don’t go with an empty stomage! You will eat everything that you see and won’t even really enjoy it probably. So be prepared and eat something upfront.

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