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Nail trends fall 2014

Which nail polish will make your hands fashioable for fall 2014?

The latest trends and colors are listed below. Whether you have long or short nails, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is nice, taken care off hands and nails.

nude nails The natural toned nail polish or blank nail polish are favorite. Nice veiled nails with a black polish is always a plus. There are also blank polishes which are tinted to give your nails an amazing natural color. Or you can choose the nude tint, a pink in different shades possible.

nagellak trends herfst 2014

wine red Deep red colors are the trend for dark nails this fall. A deep wine red, almost till black is this seasons pick. A classy color which is also very suitable for short nails. Make sure to apply it properly, it can easily look messy.

nagellak trends herfst 2014

grey Sometimes considered a boring color but not for your nails. Different shades of grey, over 50 at least.. What’s your pick: mat, metallic or solid? Choose a nice shade of grey which complements your skin color.

nagellak trends herfst 2014

metallic An effect or a real metal color, this is the trend. Will you make your nails gold, silver or bronze? Or will you go for a metallic color? You can also give your nails a metallic look by applying (partially) glitter polish.

nagellak trends herfst 2014

art nails Your nails are pieces of art, decorated with sequins, glitter or different shades of nail polish. For the creative and patient ladies among us a nice challenge, of having a great nail stylist! One thing is for sure, this fall you can go wild with your nails. Never a dull moment.

nagellak trends herfst 2014

What’s your favorite? Enought options for this coming fall 2014. Go wild and pick colors and embellishments, or do you prefer the classic nude colors, for the wild days perhaps the cool metallic s?

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