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Long hair issues

Very nice, long hair but sometimes it’s just too much work. Typical long hair issues, so how do you grow your hair that long, and nice? And beautiful? Tips and tricks

haar perikelenHairdresser 

When you have long hair or if you want to grow it longer you might think going to the hairdresser is not a good idea. On the contrary, go every 4 months for a hair cut to get rid of those dead ends. When you wait too long with cutting your hair the dead ends will become longer and your hair gets damaged. This will make the hairdresser cutting off even more then you want.

Hair tangles 

Long hair is always a hastle to comb through, especially after washing. Make sure that your hair is properly washed and use a conditioner. Only apply this to the ends of your hair, to avoid it getting heavy. Start combing at the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Keep your hand behind each wisp to avoid pulling too hard. Take it step by step and you’re done before you know it.

Greasy hair

Washing your hair every day is not good, go wild and let it go greasy. Make sure you don’t have any important appointments and don’t wash your haif for 3-4 days. Your hair is used to the daily wash and has adjusted itself to that. If you pratice some periods and not washing your hair, you can go back to a regular rythm of washing is about 3 times per week maximum.

tip buy a proper bathing cap, this way you can shower daily without washing your hair
tip the hair grease it at your roots, cover it up with a nice hair band

haar perikelen

Proteins for avoid dry hair 

What most people don’t realize is that your hair reflects your way of living. If you live healthy and respinsible this will show in your hair. One of those necessities is proteins, they help your hair grow healthy and quickly. You can find these in meet, fish, eggs, milk, soy milk, cheese, lentels and beans. People with a bad diet often have a bad skin and poor hair. So adjust your diet if you don’t just want to be healthy but also look beautiful. If you already have a healthy diet then heat might be the bandit. Using a hair dryer or curling irons can also dry out your hair. Try to avoid it, or if you do use it try a heat protector.

Growing hair quicker 

In summertime your hair grows quicker then in the winter. You’d think this is a joke, but no it’s true. It grows quicker because when your hair is exposed to vitamin D of the sunlight it grows quicker. Another options is to take vitamin B by adjusting your diet or taking supplements. A daily head massage is also very good as the massage will optimize the blood flow and stimulates the hair grow.

Source: mens-en-gezondheid & mobielekappersschaar.nl

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