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Home made lip scrub

This lip scrub is very easy to make yourself

It’s important to keep those sweet lips pretty so use your home made lip scrub. It’s simple, easy and makes your lips more beautiful. Your lips say a lot about you. If they look pretty and taken care off, you look prettier. Even when you always wear lipstick you need healthy lips. By using a scrub you remove all dead skin cells as well as possible lip chaps.

how to use it 

Apply a little scrub on the lips and massage your lips gently. Don’t press too hard, it shouldn’t be hurting your face. Though you should put a little pressure on it. The reason why you should use a lip scrub is so it will motivate the blood circulation and give your lips this nice, healty red color. All you need is a simple lip balm when doing this on a regular basis.


lip scrubYou will need 3 ingredients to make the lip scrub:
1 sugar – use brown sugar because of the structure
2 oil – you can use coconut oil or olive oil, I always prefer the biologic coconut oil
3 honey – use a liquid, biologic or organic honey

You can use the same amout of all the ingredients. So for example, use 1 teaspoon of each and mix in a bowl. When all is properly mixed put it into a small jar with lid, tighten well. Since there are no additives in your home made product, make sure to make a small portion. You can’t keep this for really long, so its best to finish it quickly and make a new bash in a couple of weeks.


Take a bit of the mix on the tip of your finger and apply it onto your lips. With a circular motion you go around your lips for about 30 seconds. Then rinse of with luke warm water. You will immediately feel the difference: soft lips with a nice blush. Apply lip balm for extra moisturising and protection, preferably one with SPF in it as well.

lip scrub

images: thespicystilettobitesizewellness.com

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